Calculator Construction Kit for iOS

What is (or Why) CCK?

CCK is a iOS app for those who would like to design original calculator. CCK has NO formula, NO history, NO graph. We are focused on calculation and customization features.

Is it a `Skin` enabled application? Answer is `NO`. CCK is full customizable its appearance and its behavior.

Key Features

  • Flexible keypad layout with 3 groups, 1 to 30 keys each group.
  • Suport new Flat Design buttons.
  • 20 type graphic keypad shapes with 200 solid colors. Bitmap keypad included can be used.
  • Display font and keypad font are selectable from iPhone system fonts. Bitmap fonts can be used for display.
  • Solid color and photo picture can be used for background


  • iOS 9 or higher version.

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