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Upgrade the platform

We decided to update Unity, which is currently used as a platform, from 2020.3 LTS to 2021.3 LTS. The main reasons for considering the update are as follows.

  • The “Render Feature” we are using was “Experimental”
  • Practice for when a future migration is needed

Render Object

The “experimental” feauture was the “Render Object”. It is used for visual effects when the puzzle parts has focuse.

We added Render Object for transparent parts, but it didn’t apply well. We thought the cause was “experimental”.

In fact, it is still “experimental” in 2021.3 LTS, but now works well for transparent parts.

Shader difference

The biggest problem with the update was that some of the shaders were not compatible.

In a certain puzzle, the parts were reflected in a mirror, and the difference between the real image and the mirror image was to be seen. We used a shader that was available on the internet for the specular reflection, and created our own shader for the material that makes a difference between the real image and the mirror image.

After upgrading, the image in the mirror side is strange, and it seems that the camera position of the specular reflection shader is not compatible. (or we used it wrong)

It was difficult to fix, so changed to a puzzle that eliminates the mirror and changes the viewpoint.