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We are creating an animation sequence on Unity for a promotional movie. Rather than adding a camera for the movie, we want to move the player characters according to the sequence and record it.

Unity has a function called timeline for this purpose, and we use it to create animations, but there is one problem.

In the timeline of the movie target, material parameters are changed along with changes in position and rotation. This parameter can be varied in the range of 0.0 to 1.0. On the other hand, rotation information etc. changes as a numerical value such as 0 to 360. Because the two values are so different, we can’t see any changes in the curve for editing material parameters.

We looked into the Unity manual to find out how to expand the timeline vertically, but it seems to be expanding in unexpected places.

Even if we searched on the internet, we could only find information equivalent to the manual, so we searched for bug information within the community of Unity’s site. Then, a similar question was asked, and in response we received the information that “Select the target curve (node) and press the ‘F’ key”. We tried it right away.

As shown above, the vertical scale of the curve has been optimized. However, this ‘F’ key is not described in the official manual, and when editing another curve of the same object (with large numerical changes), we must also use the ‘F’ key to make adjustments.

We are currently using Timeline 1.6.5 (latest version runs on Unity 2021.3 LTS), so we hope that version 1.8x (runs on Unity 2023?) will be easier to use.