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Hightmap baking

We have picture frames for Hepto puzzles and paintings on display. We’ve found some free materials, but we need to adjust the size or add more variations.

To reduce the load on the picture frames, we would like to use textures instead of complex 3D models to decorate the frames. We had a hard time creating a height map for that purpose.

Since Blender allows you to create a height map from a 3D model, We first tried use Blender.

However, during the creation process, the 3D model could not be converted properly, so we gave up on creating it using Blender.

The next thing we tried was to draw a heightmap with Affinity Designer.

We adjusted the brightness of the gray several times to adjust the height, arranged it to accommodate multiple sizes of picture frames, and successfully created a normal map and ambient occlusion.

The picture frame in the image above is a flat surface with created texture pasted on it. Based on this, we will continue to increase the variety of decorations.