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Feat of reflection

We designed the puzzle that use reflected light to display hints and help you solve them.

When loading into the museum scene, the interior lighting interferes, creating unnecessary shadows and reflections.Changes have been made to turn off the surrounding lights and turn on the puzzle lights at the start of the puzzle. Due to the presentation of the game, the lights were turned off and on over time rather than immediately.

However, even if the puzzle lighting was gradually changed, a problem occurred where the reflected light suddenly changed. This is due to the specifications of the shader graph created in the past to achieve reflected light.

Metallic parameters are used to adjust the reflected light, but in order to display the hint image clearly, a threshold is set for the brightness of the incident light, and if it is below the threshold, it will not be reflected.

Due to the nature of the puzzle, it is not possible to change the specifications of this shader graph, so we shortened the lighting time of the puzzle lighting to prevent changes in reflected light from becoming unnatural.