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Scene as a platform

Scene management

We investigated what kind of scene composition should be used for Hept on Unity development, and finally designed the base scene that will be as the platform. Its features are ..

  • Place the entire museum (buildings, surroundings, environment lights, etc.) that will be the stage of the game
  • Objects that manage the loading position and orientation of each puzzle scene are arranged and dynamically loaded according to the movement of the player.
  • Manage classes or objects that are common functions between scenes (common scripts, serialization, etc.)
  • A function to switch the UI required for each scene according to the situation

This platform makes it easier to design and debug each puzzle scene.

Puzzle scene

The puzzle scene prepares the following requirements respectively.

  • Arrangement of objects that are the target of the puzzle. The response (script) to it’s user interaction. Arrangement of cameras and lights
  • Puzzle goals and goal outcome effects (script)
  • Specifying the type of UI used in the puzzle
  • The object that launches the puzzle
  • Specifying information to be serialized when loading or unloading a scene

Unloading the scene

The platform is almost complete, but we continue to consider the necessity, frequency, and method of unloading the scene.

For the time being, we will design individual puzzle scenes and museums.