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Visual design

Now that the Hepto framework is mostly up and running, we’re working on the visual design of the game.

For general development, you should create key visuals such as concept art at an early stage. However, this time, we prioritized frameworks such as the scene as a platform and individual puzzle designs.

Trial and error to realize the visual design

Visual design as a game is almost synonymous with the choice of how to use which function of development platform ‘Unity’ to be used.

Will the graphics be realistic or cartoonish? This also changes the nature of the shader used and the texture to be prepared. Also, what about writing and post-process?

Even if you have an image you want to do, there are many restrictions such as the basic functions are limited when you try to express it on Unity, and the performance is insufficient on mobile.

For a while, we will try and error to realize the visual design in parallel with level design.