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Puzzle completion and Unlock

Puzzle completion

Each Hepto puzzle is designed as a Unity scene, and the completion of the puzzle is judged within the scene and notified to the management platform of the entire scene named ‘BaseScene’.

Each puzzle is managed by an object called ‘Locator’ in the BaseScene, and when the Locator is approached, the puzzle scene is loaded into the BaseScene.

Unlock on completion

In the BaseScene, the locked objects that can be unlocked by solving each puzzle are placed. For example, a closed door, a power-shotdowned room, or a mechanism that requires you to solve a puzzle before you can proceed.These are not included in the puzzle scene and are associated with Locator. This is to give freedom to the order and arrangement of solving each puzzle.

This week we implemented this unlocking process on our management platform. When the platform receives the puzzle completion notification, it unlocks the object corresponding to the puzzle and activates the animation set for the object. Although the ‘Stars’ do not come out.