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Beyond where you pointed

Change of presentation

We were hanged the presentation of the 17th puzzle.

At the beginning, we wanted to convey that the disjointed three-dimensional objects can be seen correctly from a specific point of view, so we decided to exhibit them as three-dimensional objects.

There were two problems with this exhibit method.

  • At the start and end of the game, it is necessary to switch the projection method of the camera between perspective projection and parallel projection. We have implemented this switching process, but it is not a smooth transition, and there is a sense of incongruity when the viewpoint suddenly changes.
  • We want the direction of shading to be uniform throughout the puzzle, but when placed on the game field as an exhibit, it will not be uniform due to the effects of indoor lighting.

For these reasons, we decided not to exhibit it as a three-dimensional object, but to exhibit the image (Render Texture) taken with a dedicated space and camera as a two-dimensional painting.

Handling clicks

Due to the change in display method, it became necessary to change the click processing.

When the user clicks on the Render Texture picture to operate the puzzle, the click must be sent to the puzzle part corresponding to that location.

This converts the clicked world coordinates on the plane (of the Render Texture picture) in the event handler to the local coordinates of another plane that is aligned with the angle of the parallel projection camera aimed at the solid object, and from there the RayCast By doing so, it was possible to convey the click to the target solid.