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Fit the screen

We would like to improve the puzzle view of the 16th puzzle on landscape devices such as iPhones.

The iPad series has an aspect ratio of 1.33 to 1.43, while the iPhone series has an aspect ratio of 2.16 (1.77 for 8 and SE). Most of the puzzles so far have been close to a square, and the layout was designed to fit in the full vertical width of the screen.

However, the 16th puzzle has a horizontal layout due to its composition, and because the small differences between the parts are important, it was difficult to see with the conventional puzzle view.

For this reason, we incorporated a mechanism to change the presentation depending on the aspect ratio of the operating device. Until now, the UI related has been automatically adjusted to the screen size of the terminal with “Canvas Scaler”.

The mechanism of this time is not only for display, but also for changing the parameters on the puzzle if a specific condition is met. This makes it possible to flexibly improve usability according to various conditions.