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Easy Game

Development was suspended due to various circumstances, but has resumed.

A puzzle that rotates a object

For the 10th puzzle, we designed a puzzle where the cube is viewed from three sides and each is placed in its correct position.

The puzzle rotates on each of the three axes, and there are many combinations of rotation states, so we thought it was a reasonable difficulty. However, when the puzzle examined all combinations, we found that the correct answer could be reached with 3 moves from any state.

This means that there is a high possibility that it can be done by inaction without following the correct procedure. Therefore, he tried to set various restrictions, but it did not work as a puzzle.

Regular icosahedron

Therefore, the cube was changed to a regular icosahedron, and the rotation axis was also a combination of 5 axes.

Ironically, in this case as well, it was found that 3 moves lead to a correct finish, regardless of the initial state.

For this reason, the icosahedron has a double composition of outer and inner sides. And if each is placed correctly, it is a goal. Even with this, plater can reach the goal with a total of 6 moves minimum, but the probability of getting the correct answer in a random sequence will decrease.