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Thoughts on Blender (1)

Despite being free, Blender is highly functional, high quality, and hard to replace. However, there are places where I feel dissatisfied with using it, and I want to write a little about it.

‘Group’ feature

It seems that there was before Ver.2.8, but the group feature does not exist in the latest version.

There seems to be collection and parent functions to achieve similar functions, but these cannot be grouped together and processed as follows.

  • Transformation or duplicatation as a group
  • Applying modifiers
  • Batch show/hide and material change

The user can create an instance of the collection and apply the transforms all at once, but they still can’t apply modifiers, and they just want to group them, but instancing is too cumbersome.

Although it may be convenient for policy and design in Blender development, I would like the development team to implement the group feature if possible,