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Colors are expressing

The idea for the 11th puzzle is almost complete.

Shader first

In this puzzle, when the panel is moved, the image changes due to the difference from the original position. Understand the rules of this changes and correct the panel position.

First, we will design the Shader Graph for the material of this image. There is also a misunderstanding of the node, and debugging is quite difficult. Cannot output the state in the middle of Shader Graph. Debug unrefinedly by setting up a test property and incorporating a function that changes the color of the material when the numerical value matches Kore.

Too hard puzzle

Initially, the change in the positional difference was handled by a shader that scales the original image. However, when we actually played it, the difference in changes was too subtle and the puzzle became too difficult.

We try to find and incorporate images that are easy to distinguish (for example, grid patterns and fine patterns), but the difficulty does not change.

Another reason was that the panel was moved using the 15-puzzle method (moving the panel to an empty area).

Hue and Saturation

Therefore, we created a shader that changes the positional difference with the hue and saturation of the original image.

The movement method has also been changed to a system that replaces adjacent panels, and the difficulty level has been adjusted.

We plan to choose an image that makes it easy to understand the change in saturation.