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Not Found

When we updated Bogo, a WordPress plugin, the Japanese translation articles were displayed as “Not Found”.

For example, www.suzhar.com/Sanjutsu (English) is OK, but www.suzhar.com/ja/sanjutz/ is Not Found. Each article is similarly not displayed. Both are displayed normally when the language is specified like www.suzhar.com/sanjutz/?lang=ja.

For this problem, we searched and investigated the plug-in support page and other web sites for find the solution, and tried the following in order.

  1. Resetting a permanent link
  2. Remove unused categories
  3. Review of original customization
  4. Disabling other plugins

No effect on items 1 and 2. Default permalinks work fine. However, we would like to display the friendly URL in a custom format www.suzhar.com/language/%category%/%post_id%/, but this setting is still abnormal.

Regarding item 3, there were no changes that affect multilingualization such as Bogo.

As a result, when “No Category Base (WPML)” is disabled in item 4, it is now displayed normally. It’s probably because each plugin does URL rewriting, but the order changed with the plugin update. We decided to delete No Category Base because it was not used.