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Certificate expired

We received an email from Apple’s developer program saying that the certificate for distribution is about to expire.

If you read only the titles that include “expiration date” and “request for response”, you will be mistaken for a phishing email for a moment. Distribution(and Development) certificates are valid for one year, so they must be dealt with every year. This is quite annoying.

Certificate issuance procedure

The troublesome reason is that we have forgotten the contents because it has been one year since the last procedure. Although the procedure and input contents are stored for the time being, the method may change occasionally due to the OS version or the design change of the developer site.

Therefore, search for new articles on the net as much as possible, update them by comparing them with the stored information, and proceed with the procedure.

It may be a troublesome reason that the terms used in the procedure of the ream are difficult and there are many words that are not familiar to the ears. Even if it is for safety in the distribution of the application, if certificaion are extended the deadline to at least about 3 years … It may be difficult to forget the extra procedure.