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Menus and Settings

Function menu

Function menu
  • AC (ALL Clear)
    Clear the displayed number and the state during calculation.
  • C (Clear)
    Clear the number you are entering. The operation during calculation is maintained.
  • Exp (Exponento)
    Enter a power of 10. 
    The number 2.5 x 103 is entered by “2.5” [Exp] “3”, and it displayed as 2.5E3.
  • + / –
    Reverse the sign of the displayed numerical value.
  • x2
    Square the displayed number.
  • √x
    Calculate the square root of the displayed number.
  • 1/x
    Calculate the reciprocal of the displayed number.
  • π (Pi)
    Enter the pi (3.141592653589793).
  • yx
    Perform exponential calculation.
    Enter “2” [yx] “3” “=” for caluculate 23
  • x√y
    Perform exponential calculation.
    Enter “8” [x√y] “3” “=” for caluculate 3√8
  • x!
    Calculate the factorial of the displayed number.
  • log
    Calculate the logarithm (base 10) of the displayed number.
  • x⇔y
    Swap the displayed value with the value being calculated.
    “2” “+” “3” “÷” “1” [x⇔y] (displayed 5) “=” (displayed 0.2)
  • Rad
    Change the units of angle of trigonometric functions between degrees and radians.
    “R” is displayed in the indicator of the screen when the unit is in radian.
  • sin, cos, tan
    Calculate sin / cos / tan with the displayed value as the angle.
  • sin-1, cos-1, tan-1
    Calculate sin-1/cos-1/tan-1.
  • Help
    Display the help screen
  • Setting
    Display the setting screen

Memory/History menu

Memory/History menu
  • History
    Up to 5 history of calculation results are displayed. The higher you go, the older the history. Tap any item to enter the number
  • Memory (メモリー)
    The value added / entered to the memory is displayed in the context menu. Tap a number to enter that number.
  • Clear Memory
    Clear the contents of memory (set to 0)
  • Clear History
    Clear all history contents (set to 0)

Setting screen

Setting screen

Recognition Feedback

  • Success
    A feedback sound will be heard when recognition fails successful (vibrate if mute).
  • Failure
    A feedback sound will be heard when recognition fails (vibrate if mute).

Locus Feedback

  • Show Locus
    A feedback locus will be display