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Architectural standards

One of the problems we faced when designing the interior of the museum in detail was not knowing the architectural standards.

It is not a standard necessary for structural design, such as building standards that specify where columns and beams are needed and the thickness of walls and floors. Since this is a building in the game, we prioritized the design.

The following standards were of concern:

  • What is the height and stepping distance of the stairs that are easy to climb?
  • What is the angle of the slope that makes it easy for people in wheelchairs to climb up and down?
  • What size elevator is suitable for wheelchair users?

In some cases, it is possible to hide how the columns and beams are arranged. However, player may feel uncomfortable walking through stairs etc. while playing. So we looked into what the standards were. We also visually measured the facilities in the buildings that we use regularly.

As with the previous article on scale, it is not possible to grasp things intuitively just by looking at numbers.