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Debug for ShaderGraph

Creating materials using shader graphs to express the sky and clouds for the 18th puzzle.

Programing on shader graphs can be difficult to debug. When coordinate values such as Position are based on objects, how do they change when rotated or scaled? What kind of numerical value is the vector for the direction of the light and view? We want to see the numbers directly, but there are no functions such as printing or logging.

So we created something that displays the internal numerical values of the shader graph. Since it is difficult to display it numerically, it is displayed as a bar graph.

Initially, we created a texture for display and created a graph to display part of it, but we decided to use the Procedural node to generate it without an image. Since the numerical range is unknown during debugging, it is now possible to set the maximum and minimum values.

Convert this graph into a subgraph, we can immediately incorporate it and use it when debugging.