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Two Unity topics

There are two pieces of news that caught my attention recently regarding Unity, which we use for development.

New billing system

The idea is to charge based on the number of installations.

There was a strong reaction to the announcement online, with the majority of opinions being against it.

It seems that the information is not complete yet, so we would like to keep an eye on it.

On September 23rd, Unity announced the reversal of the charges listed above.

VisualStudio for Mac

The other announcement is from Microsoft, which says it will end the provision of Visual Studio for Mac in 2024. Alternative products have been proposed, but Unity’s direction has not yet been indicated.

Since we are developing Unity on a Mac, these two pieces of news have a big impact on us. We have been using Unity as a platform for a long time, and satisfied with its functionality and performance, so we are not thinking about migrating to something else, so we would like to wait for detailed information.