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Strange luminescence Again

Several puzzles are placed in the museum scene for a promotional video. Among them, the puzzles that use lights are set up in dark rooms, but for some reason the objects in those puzzles are illuminated by light.

There is no light like this in the puzzle scene.

At first, we checked the material settings and changing the placement of the light probe to see if it was receiving light from around the light probe in the actual scene, but nothing changed.

Next, we checked the leakage light from the directional light set as external sunlight and the influence of environmental light, but that was not the cause of the problem.

Then, while searching for similar phenomena on the internet, we found a setting called environmental reflection. We didn’t notice that there was a setting item just below Ambient Light.

By reducing the influence of this environmental reflection, the brightness was as expected.

Setting up the lighting is really difficult. We wish CG technology would advance further and it would be possible to reproduce indirect light, transmitted light, etc. by simply placing a light without complicated settings.