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WebGL build

As a preliminary step to providing a web application, we confirmed WebGL build in Unity.

Build environment

WebGL build requires a WebGL module according to the Unity version and a WebGL Publisher package on the app side. We installed these and built a trial project.

We tried to open the completed files directly in the browser, but the WebGL binary requested a URL path instead of a file path, so we placed the files on the site.

Two errors

When we access it from a browser, we get an error message. Since the built binary is compressed, the browser (?) is not supported.

So we change the build settings to no compression and build again.

Then another error occurs. It seems that the binary ‘.wasm’ is not being returned in the correct response. When we looked into it, we found that server-side support was required, and we configured this correctly.

Although we have successfully confirmed the build and operation of WebGL, it has not been confirmed as a Hept app, and we will need to develop the UI and verify performance and image quality as a WebGL app in the future.