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Examination of escapement

Deadbeat escapement

We are investigating which method to use for Kiclobo escapement. For pendulum clocks, deadbeat escapements will generally be used, but there are two concerns.

One concern is about design accuracy. The angle of the lock surface that receives the escape wheel and the impact surface that is pushed by the escape wheel requires accuracy, which is related to manufacturability and assembly accuracy in the bottle.

The other concern is about wear on the lock surface and impact surface. This is the place where the escape wheel comes into contact with constant pressure. Artificial jewels are used in high-end watches. Of course, such a thing cannot be adopted due to the manufacturing cost, so we are considering whether there is an escapement with as little wear as possible.

Other escapements we investigating

So far, I’m thinking of the following candidates.

  • Glass hopper escapement
    According to the literature, there is little wear resistance. Manufacturability and assembleability will be examined from now on.
  • Gravity escapement
    A highly accurate method used in clock towers. Verification required to see if it works practically in a small bottle.
  • Detent escapement
    What is used in a chronometer. It is necessary to consider whether an appropriate leaf spring can be manufactured.
  • Galileo escapement
    In the video I referred to, the vibration seems to be large, so it is necessary to verify whether it can operate in the bottle.

Both escapements will be interesting to watch if they can be realized, so we will continue to consider them.


I would like to make a prototype with a 3D printer to see which escapement is realistic, but as a preliminary step, I tried a prototype with LEGO. I would like to verify whether the LEGO assembly accuracy can meet the requirements of an escapement.

Therefore, I tried to assemble it with reference to the works of masters in the world, but I have not been able to operate it with my building power yet.