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Wheel train

The gears are designed while considering the overall layout including the escapement.

When laying out the gears from the 2nd wheel to the escape wheel, we are considering what kind of gear ratio to design.
As an example, if the large gears of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wheels are 80-tooth, 75-tooth, the diameter of the 80-tooth gear is 1.64 mm when calculated with module 0.2. The inner diameter of the mouth of a general wine bottle is around 1.8 mm, so it seems that there is no problem with this alone.

However, if the layout is performed while shifting a plurality of gears, the thickness will increase accordingly.

The overall thickness will change depending on the thickness of the large and small gears and how much they are offset, so we will proceed with the examination.

Since Kiclobo will not have a second hand this time, it will be possible to consider the number of teeth up to the escape wheel a little more flexibly. We would like to avoid it if possible, but the diameter can be reduced by increasing the number of gears, and we adjust including the module value.