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We planed to update the development environment of WatchOS. As always latest SDK requires latest XCode, and latest XCode requires lates macOS. So, we decided to install Big Sir, that we was hesitant to install it.

The latest version is 11.2.3. It took a long time including XCode, but the installation was completed successfully. However, the idea that it’s okay because it’s been a long time since the release was stupid.

There is a bug that the mouse pointer and the click position are misaligned. The trigger of the problem is unknown, and I feel that it will happen when the application is launched or some window is opened. The amount of deviation is indefinite, and in severe cases it shifts by about 1 inch.

Even if you search on the internet, there are no cases and the cause is unknown. However, if change the resolution in the display of System Preferences, the deviation will be corrected once, but it has not been solved yet.