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A little work

Watch App

At the request of an acquaintance, I decided to make a small app for the Apple Watch. It manages the remaining time for each category within a certain schedule. It doesn’t need to work with his iPhone, so I decided to create it as a Watch App.


Since it is exclusively for Apple Watch, I decided to make it with Swift UI (although there is no “rule”)

It’s been a few years since this SwiftUI was announced, and it has become easier to develop because it has been enriched with previews in XCode and online information. At the time of the announcement, I couldn’t understand the tutorial well. I feel that the center of the screen design is defined by Struct instead of the procedure, the mysterious identifier called’some’, and the dynamic update by external data, etc., which is quite Swift’s secret design.

I would like to deepen my understanding with this App and consider making Sanjütz with a SwiftUI.