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Thoughts on Blender(2)

Inverse matrix with parent

The concept of the “inverse matrix” is difficult to understand and difficult to control. Why is this process necessary and what are the benefits?

Due to the lack of the group function we wrote in the previous article, using the parent function surprises us with its behavior.

For example, if the Cube (X=2) arranged as shown in the figure above is the child of the Empty object (X=2), the Cube coordinate value will not be X=0 as the relative distance from the parent, but will remain X=2. Become. This is because the inverse matrix with the parent is probably X=+2.

This is inconvenient when you want to work with relative positions (local coordinates) from the parent, so if you clear this inverse matrix, you expect that the Cube coordinate value will be X=0, but it will remain X=2, that is, in absolute coordinates X= 4, resulting in a total collapse.

Some third-party plugins can eliminate matrix inversions at will. There is also a command “To parent without inverse matrix” in the object manipulation menu. We think there are more than a few people who find inverse matrices inconvenient.