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Web Apps


We are considering a multi-platform Game Pass as one of the rewards. Currently, Hepto is planning to release an Android version and a PC version after the release of iOS version, but due to the development environment, they cannot start working on it right away.

So we are considering offering it as a web app.

Authentication on website

In that case, consider having users log in using their Game Pass ID and password. We will allow each logged-in user to open the web app from their My Page. In that case, server-side development will be difficult.

Since Hepto provides a login function in the app, we can leave the authentication to Hepto and leave the web app fully public.

Subdomains and SSL

Then, while preparing a subdomain for publishing web applications, we found out that provider own SSL for free. There used to be a fee, but that changed at some point.

For this reason, we decided to change the entire Suzhar site to support HTTPS. After changing the site settings and waiting for them to take effect, change the access settings and WordPress settings and confirm that we can access the site. We also prepared a subdomain.