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Shikinen sengu

We received a notification about an app on sale from the AppStore. Since the Sanjütz app has not been updated for a long time, it will be removed from the store based on review guideline 4.

There are some features that were planned but not yet implemented, so we decided to update them in a hurry. However, since the Sanjütz project had not been updated for a long time, there were many processes that we had forgotten, such as where to save the necessary asset files and how to convert the dictionary required for handwriting recognition. A regular update process is important to avoid forgetting work procedures, but I suddenly remembered the Shikinen Sengu ceremony.

The shrine buildings at Naikū and Gekū, as well as the Uji Bridge, are rebuilt every 20 years. The twenty-year renewal process is called the Shikinen Sengū.


The purpose of the Shikinen Sengu is to keep the unpainted shrine architecture clean and to pass on its architectural techniques. We think Shikinen Sengu is about updating regularly to maintain a good user experience and checking the build process.

Shikinen Sengu