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Submit for review

We have submitted the new version of Sanjütz for review to the AppStore. Site information is also being prepared for release.
This time, during development, we encountered a problem related to the Xcode.

Known Issue

The first problem is that the Apple Watch paired with the iPhone cannot connect to Xcode. This seems to be a known issue in the Xcode 15 release notes. This can be avoided by connecting and debugging the Apple Watch alone without pairing, but the connection between the actual Apple Watch device and Xcode is unstable, and it suddenly disconnects and reconnects repeatedly. Therefore, debugging was done offline.

Specification change(?)

The second problem occurred while verifying the release build. According to the error, the bundle ID for WatchKitApp and Extension cannot be found on the developer site. Previously, when developing for AppleWatch, the bundle ID of WatchKit App and Watchkit Extension used a “Wildcard ID” (com.suzhar.Sanjutz.*), but this time “Explicit ID” are required (com.suzhar.Sanjutz.watchkitapp, com.suzhar .Sanjutz.watchkitapp.watchkitextension). Up until now, Sanjütz or Periodee were able to submit without errors using wild card IDs. Has the specification changed somewhere, or is it a Xcode bug?