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Two mistakes

In the rush to release Sanjütz v1.7, we made two mistakes.

Incorrect calculation of some functions

This is an unacceptable problem for a calculator app, but when changing the button design of the function menu, we made a mistake in the settings for connecting to the function. As a result, the calculation result was different from the specified function.

iPhone app layout problem

Sanjütz has an iPhone app for displaying help, but the display has become small in v1.7. Specifically, regardless of the size of the device, the display had an aspect ratio of 2:3, equivalent to the iPhone 3G, and the display designed for 9:16 was displayed smaller.

Although it was correct layout when debugging, the LaunchScreen specification was changed somewhere in subsequent builds, and the cause was that it was determined to be for the earliest iPhone.

The two problems were caused by a lack of testing and confirmation, and we deeply regret this. We have prepared v1.8 with problemss fixed.