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Pitfall of Update

Update of devices

There are some things you shouldn’t do near the release of the app. It is an update of the device (iPhopne, Apple Watch, etc.) to be developed. 
If you want to update to the new version OS because of the new features required for development, you must do it at an early stage of development.

Chain of updates

Since the update development of Sanjütz has been confirmed with the simulator, I tried to run it on the actual machine, but an error occurred.
To clear the error, I need the same version of SDK that you updated, but you need to update the development environment XCode.

In some cases, Mac OS updates may be required for XCode and SDK updates. At that point, other utilities need to be updated and the chain does not stop.

After updating XCode, the Apple Watch is no longer recognized for development. The error cannot be resolved by unregistering the device from XCode and reconnecting. I managed to recognize it by unpairing the Apple Watch and iPHone and pairing them again. Actual machine verification is indispensable for release, and device authentication and code authentication for that purpose are really troublesome.

Icon of XCode

By the way, with this update, the XCode icon has changed looks like iOS. Other Apple apps are same changes for Big Sur. It’s okay, but I can’t get used to it.